Punish Yourself

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Punish Yourself
Punish Yourself 09.jpg
Background information
Origin Toulouse France
Genres Industrial metal, punk rock, hardcore techno, dance-punk, synthpop
Years active 1994-present
Labels Season of Mist (later)
Active Entertainment
Elp Records
Geisha Machine (early)
Website http://punishyourself.free.fr/ http://www.myspace.com/punishyourself
  • vx 69 / vx / vx cheerleader: Vocals
  • MissZ: Guitar, Vocals, Drums
  • P.RLOX: Guitar
  • X.av: ?
  • Klodia: Dancing, Pyrotechnics

Punish Yourself is a French industrial metal band best known for their stage theatrics and innovative style of industrial/punk music.[1] They describe their style as "Fluo Cyber Punk".

Current members[edit]

  • VX 69 (sometimes "vx" or "vx Cheerleader 69") (born Vincent Villalon) : Vocals (also plays in band "Le Cabaret De L'Impasse", "Cheerleader 69", "Pinball Lizard & The Acid Kings")
  • Miss Z (born Sandrine Caracci) : Guitar, Vocals
  • P.RLOX (born Pierre-Laurent Clément) : Guitar
  • X.av (born Xavier Guionie) : Drums (also plays in bands "Le Cabaret De L'Impasse", "Cheerleader 69")
  • Klodia :
  • Fafa/MCC (born Jean-François Clément) : Dance, Pyrotechnics

Past members[edit]


Studio albums
  • 1998: Feuer Tanz System
  • 2001: Disco Flesh: Warp 99
  • 2004: Sexplosive Locomotive
  • 2007: Cult Movie (CD/DVD)
  • 2008: Gore Baby Gore
  • 2009: Pink Panther Party
  • 2010: Punish Yourself VS Sonic Area : Phenomedia
  • 2013: Holiday in Guadalajara

Live albums
  • 2003: Behind The City Lights
  • 2005: Crypt 1996-2002
  • 1994: First Demo Tape
  • 1995: Second Demo Tape


In 2004, pornographic actress Coralie Trinh Thi wrote a comic about them called Deep Inside Punish Yourself. In the same year, PY composed the song Holy Trinh Thi in reference to her.

TV apparitions[edit]


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