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Puntarenas F.C.
Full name Puntarenas Fútbol Club, Sociedad Anónima Deportiva
Nickname(s) Areneros, Chuchequeros, Naranjas, Porteños, Tiburones, Fuerza Naranja
Founded June 30, 2004
Ground Estadio Lito Pérez
Ground Capacity 4,105
Chairman María Alejandra Ordóñez Lucovich
Manager Wálter Centeno
League Segunda División de Costa Rica
2015 Clausura Group A: 2nd
Overall: 3rd
Playoffs: Quarter-Finals
Ascenso Nacional: Runner-up
Website www.puntarenasfc.com

Puntarenas Fútbol Club S.A.D. is a Costa Rican football club, currently competing in the Segunda División de Costa Rica.

The team plays its home games in the Estadio Municipal de Puntarenas Miguel Ángel "Lito" Pérez Treacy nicknamed “Olla Mágica” ("Pressure Cooker") in Puntarenas Centro, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, known by that name because of the high temperatures of the zone and the unstopping support from the fans along the games.


A.D. Municipal Puntarenas[edit]

The club was founded in June 2004,[1] by Adrián Castro Velásquez and Eduardo Li Sánchez and is basically a spinoff of the A.D. Municipal Puntarenas club, founded on January 9, 1952[2] which until 2001 had spent 34 seasons in the Primera División (UNAFUT). Municipal Puntarenas debuted in the Primera División on 19 April 1964[2] and won their first and only division title in the 1986–87 season against Alajuelense,[3] they also finished second three more times. In 2002 Municipal Puntarenas was relegated to Liga de Ascenso, Segunda División (LIASCE) and in 2009 to third division Primera División de Liga Nacional de Futbol Aficionado (LINAFA).

A.D. Sánta Barbara franchise purchased[edit]

Municipal Puntarenas's relegation in 2001 and Municipal Osa's descend in 2003 left Puntarenas Province without a Primera División club[1] so Li and Castro purchased the franchise of A.D. Santa Bárbara[4] to restore the province's presence in the top tier.[5]

Santa Bárbara had made their debut in the Primera in the 1997–98 season with 4th place being their best league result.[6]

Puntarenas F.C.[edit]

Puntarenas F.C. counts with the supporter group "Estação La Samba Primeira" that brings cheers and music to the local games. Puntarenas F.C. played its first game on August 22, 2004 in Estadio Miguel "Lito" Pérez, beating Belén 2–1. They became one of the best teams in the Primera División, being in the first 3 places in their first 3 years as a new team, starting a rivalry with Saprissa and Alajuelense, the most successful teams in the country. According to IFFHS Club World Ranking, Puntarenas F.C. ranked 342 (285) in the World in 2007, making them one of the best squads in Costa Rica and in the UNCAF region.

On July 4, 2007, Eduardo Li Sánchez resigned as team owner and President to take over the reins of Federación Costarricense de Fútbol (FEDEFUTBOL) as President.[7] Owner and Vice President Adrián Castro Velásquez became the club's new President and sole proprietor.

On December 9, 2008, it was announced that Alejandro Márquez, owner of Mexican second division football club Atlético Celaya had bought 50 percent of the shares of Puntarenas F.C.[8] making it the second Costa Rican team with Mexican interest. Márquez was elected Vice President.

On February 16, 2009 Adrián Castro Velásquez was assassinated as he left his house in Miramar de Montes de Oro en route to Puntarenas Centro, by a pair of hitman on a motorbike[9] to settle a business dispute. As a result of Castro's tragic death, his wife María Alejandra Ordóñez Lucovich took over[1] his half of the club's shares. The board of directors elected Adrian's son Marcelo Enrique Castro as second Vice President and Víctor Herrera as President.

On June 27, 2009, it was reported that Alejandro Márquez defaulted on his contract with the club.[10] Alejandra Ordóñez took full ownership, control of all club assets and the Presidency.[11]

In 2009, Score One Soccer became equity partner of Puntarenas F.C. and was also granted a 10-year contract by Municipalidad de Puntarenas to operate Estadio Miguel "Lito" Pérez.

In April 2014, Puntarenas were relegated to the Second Division.[12]

Colors and badge[edit]

On February 15, 2008 Puntarenas F.C. unveiled its new crest and mascot at an event at Capitán Moreno, a local restaurant. "Sharkman" is represented by a shark and Costa Rican media has dub the team "Los Tiburones", but note the team's name remains the same. The colors of the Puntarenas F.C. crest are orange, black and white.

On June 22, 2015 during a press conference in San José, Puntarenas F.C. presented its new crest to the public. The team's colors remain the same.

Home stadium[edit]

Puntarenas plays its home matches at Estadio Municipal de Puntarenas Miguel Ángel "Lito" Pérez Treacy (2004–Present)

Television and Radio[edit]

Puntarenas F.C. matches are broadcast on Teletica Canal 7 and Local Radio coverage is broadcast live on Radio Columbia 98.7 FM

Puntarenas F.C. broadcast a weekly television program featuring Club Tactics, Fan of the Week, Statistics and Summary, Team Knowledge, etc. on Canal 8 de Cabletica.

Costa Rican National Championships[edit]

Unión de Clubes de Fútbol de la Primera División (UNAFUT) – Copa UNAFUT: 0

Runner-up (1): 2005–06
Third Place (1): 2006–07

Fútbol de Primera División de Costa Rica (FPD) – Copa UNAFUT: 0

  • Apertura (Invierno)
Runner-up (1): 2009
  • Clausura (Verano)

Liga de Ascenso (LIFUSE): 0

  • Apertura (Invierno)
Winner (1): 2014
  • Clausura (Verano)
  • Final Nacional por el Ascenso – Copa Ascenso Nacional: 0
Runner-up (1): 2015

Torneo de Copa de Costa Rica: 0 [13]

International Tournament Championships[edit]

Winner: 2006

International Competitions[edit]

2007 Quarter-Finals v. United States Houston Dynamo – 1:0, 2:0 (Dynamo advances 2:1 on aggregate)
2006 First Round v. Belize Hankook Verdes F.C. – 5:0, 1:1 (Puntarenas advances 6:1 on aggregate)
2006 Quarter-Finals v. Costa Rica L.D. Alajuelense – 0:3, 2:0 (Puntarenas advances 5:0 on aggregate)
2006 Semi-Finals v. Guatemala C.D. Marquense – 2:0, 0:0 (Puntarenas qualify 2:0 on aggregate)
2006 Final v. Honduras C.D. Olimpia – 3:2, 1:0–1:3 (Puntarenas Champion and qualify to 2007 CONCACAF Champion's Cup)
2007 First Round v. Belize F.C. Belize – 3:0, 0:0 (Puntarenas advances 3:0 on aggregate)
2007 Quarter-Finals v. Costa Rica C.D. Saprissa – 1:1, 2:1 (Saprissa advances 3:2 on aggregate)

Year-by-year in Primera División[edit]

Year Winter Season Apertura Summer Season Clausura Season Aggregate Copa UNAFUT Copa Interclubes
Champions League
Club World Cup
2004–05 5th, Group A Not qualified 4th, Group A Not qualified 9th Place Not qualified Could not qualify Could not qualify Could not qualify
2005–06 2nd, Group A Semi-Finals 1st, Group A Semi-Finals 2nd Place Runner-Up 2005 Not qualified 2006 Not qualified 2005 Not qualified
2006–07 2nd, Group A Semi-Finals 2nd, Group A Semi-Finals 3rd Place Third Place 2006 Champions 2007 Quarter-Finals 2006 Not qualified
2007–08 4th, Group A Not qualified 4th, Group A Not qualified 5th Place Defunct 2007 2007 Quarter-Finals 2008 Not qualified 2007 Not qualified
2008–09 4th, Group A Not qualified 4th, Group A Not qualified 7th Place Defunct 2008 2008–09 Not qualified 2008 Not qualified
2009–10 3rd, Group B Runner-up 3rd, Group B Quarter-Finals 8th Place 2009–10 Not qualified 2009 Not qualified
2010–11 4th, Group A Not qualified 5th, Group A Not qualified 11th Place 2010–11 Not qualified 2010 Not qualified
2011–12 5th Place Not qualified 9th Place Not qualified 9th Place 2011–12 Not qualified 2011 Not qualified
2012–13 10th Place Not qualified 6th Place Not qualified 9th Place 2012–13 Not qualified 2012 Not qualified
2013–14 8th Place Not qualified 12th Place Not qualified 12th Place 2013–14 Not qualified 2013 Not qualified
  • Puntarenas F.C. was relegated to the Liga de Ascenso after the 2014 Clausura season.
  • Costa Rica – List of Champions and Runners-up RSSSF
Year League Record
2004–05 32 09 08 15 51 59 35
2005–06 32 19 08 05 52 28 65
2006–07 32 16 08 08 52 35 56
2007–08 32 10 14 08 34 39 44
2008–09 32 11 09 12 40 48 42
2009–10 32 08 13 11 31 42 37
2010–11 32 08 05 19 39 54 29
2011–12 40 12 10 18 50 69 46
2012–13 44 12 16 16 57 69 52
2013–14 44 09 15 20 45 69 42
Total 352 114 106 132 451 512 448

Year-by-year in Segunda División[edit]

Year Winter Season Apertura Summer Season Clausura Season Aggregate Copa Ascenso Nacional
2014–15 1st, Group A Winner* 2nd, Group A Quarter-Finals 3rd Place Runner-up
Year League Record
2014–15 32 17 07 08 47 27 58
2015–16 12 04 04 04 17 22 16
Total 44 21 11 12 64 49 74


Player Records[edit]