Spanner barb

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Spanner barb
Punti lateri 080503 8415 napo.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae
Genus: Barbodes
Species: B. lateristriga
Binomial name
Barbodes lateristriga
(Valenciennes, 1842)
  • Barbus lateristriga Valenciennes, 1842
  • Puntius lateristriga (Valenciennes, 1842)
  • Systomus lateristriga (Valenciennes, 1842)
Puntius lateristriga Bleeker.jpg

Barbodes lateristriga,[2] the spanner barb or T-barb, is a species of cyprinid fish native to the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It can reach a length of 18 centimetres (7.1 in) TL. This species can also be found in the aquarium trade.[3]

Distribution and habitat[edit]

This species is an inhabitant of clear streams in mountain areas, particularly common at the base of waterfalls. They are native to the Malay Peninsula and Borneo. It prefers areas with plentiful boulders and rocky stream beds.[3]


Its diet consists of such invertebrates as insects, worms and crustaceans as well as plant material.[3]


The spanner barb scatters it eggs in the substrate and then abandons them.[3]

In the aquarium[edit]

In an aquarium the spanner barb will adapt to water up to a pH of 7.2, and can live in slightly harder water than in their natural habitat. They are a mostly peaceful fish if kept in a school of at least five fish, but their large size makes them unsuited to a community of small fish.


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