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A Storytelling Game with Strings in a Grim World of Make-Believe
Puppetland cover.jpg
Puppetland. First edition book cover, 1999
Designer(s)John Scott Tynes
Publisher(s)Arcane Magazine, Hogshead Publishing
Publication date1997

Puppetland: A Storytelling Game with Strings in a Grim World of Make-Believe is a role-playing game written by John Scott Tynes.

The game was first published in Arcane magazine issue 16 in early 1997, then later by Hogshead Publishing together with Powerkill, a satirical role-playing metagame by the same author, under the title Puppetland/Powerkill.

A free edition, including most of the game text is available on the author's web site.

New Style[edit]

Puppetland/Powerkill was part of a series experimental/alternative role-playing games published by Hogshead Publishing. Other games in the series included the award-nominated The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Münchhausen, Pantheon, and Violence.

Kickstarter and New Edition[edit]

In November 2014, an expanded version of Puppetland was successfully funded on Kickstarter, to be published by Arc Dream Publishing.[1]


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