Purabaya Bus Station

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Purabaya Bus Station

Terminal Purabaya/Terminal Bungurasih
LocationJl. Letjen Sutoyo, Bungurasih, Waru, Sidoarjo, East Java
Coordinates07°21′04″S 112°43′28″E / 7.35111°S 112.72444°E / -7.35111; 112.72444Coordinates: 07°21′04″S 112°43′28″E / 7.35111°S 112.72444°E / -7.35111; 112.72444

Terminal Purabaya (English:Purabaya Bus Station), or more popularly known as Terminal Bungurasih is the busiest bus station in Indonesia (up to 120,000 passengers per day).[1] This terminal is located in the outskirts of Surabaya, in Waru, Sidoarjo.

This bus station serves local and inter-island routes.[2]