Purge (video game)

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Purge (video game box art).jpg
Developer(s) Freeform Interactive
Publisher(s) Freeform Interactive
Engine Lithtech Talon
Platform(s) Windows 98/ME/2K/XP
Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Purge or PurgeFinal (formerly known as PurgeJihad), is a free first-person shooter computer game published by Freeform Interactive. Purge is the sequel to the Future vs. Fantasy total conversion mod for Quake,[1] and combines futuristic and magical themes. Purge came out of open beta in 2003. Purge became freeware in 2007, and Freeform Interactive had distributed a keygen which enabled anyone to play the game for free.[2][3]


Purge focuses on character development rather than straightfoward first-person shooter gameplay. Each player must choose a side: the Order (technology) or the Chosen (magic). The player then chooses attributes for his or her character. Each character's appearance is customizable.

The maps in Purge range from small scale for 2 to 24 players, to large for 10 to 64 players.

Critical reception[edit]

Both GameSpot and IGN rated Purge as "mediocre".[1][4] IGN highlighted detailed environments with well-defined textures and impressive effects, and it was argued that Purge was a notable example within the "character development" niche of action genre. Criticisms included indistinct vocal commands, some unsuitable weapon sound effects, a "practically nonexistent" playing community, lack of game modes and unpolished level design.


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