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Purnendu Patri (পূর্ণেন্দু পত্রী) (Samudragupta) (2 February 1933 – 19 March 1997) was an Indian Bengali poet.. He was born in Howrah in West Bengal. He was a noted short-story writer and a critic and a researcher of old Raj era Kolkata and Bengali renaissance. One of his story collections is known as Staliner Raaa and a book on Rabindranath is titled Amar Rabindranath. He took admission in Indian Art College in 1949. He started his painting and writing in film magazine Chitrita and cultural magazine Deepali conducted by his uncle Nikunjabihari Patri in Calcutta. In 1951 his first collection of poems was published. In 1958 his first novel DNarer Moyna got the award "Manik Purashkar". "He also has a wife, a son, and 3 daughters."[1]

Patri was also known as an illustrator and filmmaker. Among his creative writings are:

  • Ek Muttho Rode (Poems) (1951)
  • Shobder Bichhana (Poems) (1972)
  • Tumi Eley Shurjodoy Hoy (Poems) (1976)
  • Kathopokothan (5 volumes of poetry)
  • DNarer Moyna (Novel) (1958)
  • Purono Kolkatar Kathachitra (Essays)
  • Asun, Bosun (Ramyarachana)
  • Junior Byomkesh Jindabad
  • Haste haste khun
  • Ram Rabaner Chhora
  • Cézanne-er apel poche jachhe (poems)
  • Premer kobita aksho

•Ki kore Kolkata holo •Kolkatar rajkahini •Kolkatar pratham •Purono Kolkatar parashuno •Charay mora Kolkata •Job Charnok je Kolkatay eshechilen •Purono Kolkatar kathachitro •Tuli Kaalir Kolkata •Kolkatar Golposholpo



  • Telinipota Abishkar(1967)
  • Khirer Putul (1982)
  • Choto Bokulpurer Jatri (1981)
  • Geeta Govindam (1981)
  • Kalighat (1981)
  • Malancha (1979)
  • Pata Chitra (1977)
  • Abanindranath (1976)
  • Chhera Tamsuk (1974)
  • Strir Patra (1972: English Title: Letter from the Wife)
  • Swapna Niye (1966)


  • Strir Patra (1972)


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