Purple Tape

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This article is about the Lisa Loeb album. For the Raekwon album, see Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... For the Pixies album, see Pixies (EP).
Purple Tape
Lisa Loeb - Purple Tape album cover.jpg
Demo album by Lisa Loeb
Released 1992, 2008
Recorded 1991-1992
Genre Alternative pop, rock
Length 32:43
Label Self-released
Producer Juan Patino
Lisa Loeb chronology
Purple Tape

Purple Tape is an album by Lisa Loeb, self-released in 1992 on audio cassette only, used to pitch her to record companies. The record features mostly Loeb's voice accompanied by a guitar. Loeb would later include and re-record the majority of these songs on her later albums Tails and Firecracker.

While some songs of the album were later released as b-sides on some of Loeb's singles, the album did not see its CD release until January 22, 2008, when it was released as a 2-CD including an extensive interview with Loeb about the album.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Lisa Loeb.

  1. "Snow Day"
  2. "Train Songs"
  3. "Hurricane"
  4. "Come Back Home"
  5. "It's Over"
  6. "This"
  7. "Days Were Different"
  8. "Guessing Games"
  9. "Do You Sleep"
  10. "Airplanes"

Interview disc (CD version only)[edit]

In depth interview with Lisa Loeb by Andy Denemark

  1. The Purple Tape: Introduction & History
  2. Early Days in NYC
  3. Liz and Lisa
  4. Why The People Tape?
  5. Gigging in NYC
  6. Nine Stories
  7. Marketing & the Music Business
  8. Recording The Purple Tape
  9. The Purple Tape Artwork
  10. Songwriting
  11. "Snow Day"
  12. "Train Songs"
  13. "Hurricane"
  14. "Come Back Home"
  15. "It's Over"
  16. "This"
  17. "Days Were Different"
  18. "Guessing Games"
  19. "Do You Sleep"
  20. "Airplanes"
  21. Bringing the past to the present
  22. Live In-Studio "Snow Day"
  23. Acoustic "Stay (I Missed You)"