Purús Province

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For namesakes, see Purus
Location of Purus in the Ucayali Region
Location of Purus in the Ucayali Region
Country Peru
Region Ucayali
Founded July 2, 1943
Capital Esperanza
 • Mayor Emilio Montes Bardales
 • Total 17,847.76 km2 (6,891.06 sq mi)
Population 2007 census
 • Total 3,746
 • Density 0.21/km2 (0.54/sq mi)
Website www.munipurus.gob.pe

Purús Province is one of four provinces in the Ucayali Region, in the central Amazon rainforest of Peru. The Purus River runs through it.

The province is conformed by a single district (Spanish: distrito), Purús District, whose capital is Esperanza. The district is headed by an (alcalde (mayor).


According to the 2007 census, Spanish was spoken by 30.2% of the population as their first language, while 2.3% spoke Asháninka, 0.6% spoke Quechua, 0.2% spoke Aymara, 66.2% spoke other indigenous languages and 0.4% spoke foreign languages.

Coordinates: 9°47′55″S 70°45′12″W / 9.79861°S 70.75333°W / -9.79861; -70.75333