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Pyotr Nikolayevich Kropotkin (Russian: Пётр Никола́евич Кропо́ткин; November 24, 1910 - 1996) was a Soviet Russian geologist, tectonician, and geophysicist.

His main publications were devoted to tectonics and its relationships with magmatism and to tectonigeophysical problems. He developed the theory of the Earth's outgassing and abyssal inorganic origin of petroleum and coined the terms "cold outgassing" as well as "degassing column" later known in the West as chimneys concept.

Kropotkin graduated from Moscow Geoexploration Institute (MGRI) in 1932. He took part in prospecting for oil in the West Urals. Since 1936 he was with Geological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). He was elected a RAS Academician in 1992 and was awarded the Demidov Prize in 1994.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Kropotkin P.N., 1955. Problems of oil genesis. Soviet Geology Jour., no. 47. pp. 104-125 (in Russian)
  • Kropotkin P.N. and Shakhvarstova K.A., 1959. Solid bitumens, oil, and combustible gases in hyperbasite intrusions, traps, and volacinic pipes. In: Problems of oil migration and formation of oil and gas accumulations. - Moscow, GosTopTechIzdat. - pp. 151-164 (in Russian)
  • Kropotkin P.N., 1986. Earth's outgassing and genesis of hydrocarbons. Mendeleev All-Union Chem. Soc. Jour. – Moscow, [Khimiya] Chemistry, vol. XXXI (5). – pp. 540-546 (in Russian)
  • Kropotkin P.N., 1992. Inorganic origin of oil and comustible gases. Earth and Universe Jour., no. 1. - pp. 23-29 (in Russian)

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