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Q30 is the official Student television station of Quinnipiac University, located in Hamden, Connecticut. The station broadcasts closed circuit on Channel 30 to both the Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses during the Fall and Spring semesters. Q30 broadcasts the majority of its programs out of the Ed McMahon Mass Media Center, which is located in Quinnipiac University's School of Communications. The organization is open to students of all majors, and all members have the opportunity to work in the high-definition studio on state of the art equipment.


Q30 began its life as QCTV (Quinnipiac College Television). After the school became a university it was renamed Quest 30, standing for "Quinnipiac University Exceptional Student Television". The Q30 name and logo was adopted in the fall of 2002.


Q30 regularly airs six student-produced shows every week:

  • Q30 Newscast, a live evening news program
  • The Morning After, a live morning talk show
  • Sports Paws and Bobcat Breakdown," which offer complete coverage of university sporting activities.
  • Hashtag That" covering today's trending topics.
  • Quinnipiac Tonight, a live comedy sketch program

In addition, the station also airs student government meetings, as well as other events that occur at Quinnipiac University. Q30 also receives programming from the Zilo TV college music network and the National Lampoons college comedy network.

Notable former members[edit]

Eric Jackson (2000–2004): NBC's Today Show Producer (Former Q30 News Director/Anchor)

Melissa Scagliola (2001–2005): Producer, WTIC-TV (FOX), Hartford, CT (Former Q30 News Anchor)

Adam Brooks (2001–2005): Technical Producer, WFSB (CBS), Hartford, CT (Former Q30 General Manager)

Brian Kowalenko (2001–2005): Promotions Manager, WFSB (CBS), Hartford, CT (Former Q30 News Anchor/Weathercaster)

Fabio LoNero (2002–2006): Executive Producer, WTNH (ABC), New Haven, CT (Former Q30 News Director/Anchor)

Jeff DeHaan (2002–2006): New Media Technical Representative, HB Communications, North Haven, Connecticut (Former Q30 General Manager)

Eric Oppegaard (2002-2006): Manager of Marketing and Communications, Newmarket International, Celebration, Florida (Former Q30 Programming Manager/Chief Engineer)

Ben Shapiro (2003–2007): Owner, Interlace Communications, Hamden, CT (Former Q30 General Manager)

Ben Handelman (2003–2007): Anchor/Reporter WITI (FOX), Milwaukee, WI (Former Q30 News anchor, Sports director)

Max Winitz (2003–2007): General Assignment Reporter, WWSB (ABC), Sarasota, FL (Former Q30 News Director/Anchor)

Michelle Lohr (2004–2008): Associate Producer, The Dr. Oz Show, New York, NY (Former Q30 General Manager)

Anthony Filiaci (2005–2009): Producer, CBS News, New York, NY (Former Q30 Promotions Director/"The Morning After" Host

Megan Scully (2006–2010): Production Assistant, The Cleveland Show, Los Angeles, CA (Former Q30 General Manager)

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