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Hello Mobile (Formally Q Link Wireless)
  • Wireless Telecommunications
FounderIssa Asad
Area served
United States
Key people
Issa Asad
OwnerQuadrant Holdings LLC

Q Link Wireless is a United States-based telecommunications company that provides free wireless services to Lifeline eligible American consumers. The company is based in Dania, Florida. In October 2019, Q Link Wireless was named the fastest-growing tech company in the United States.[1] The company also offers prepaid mobile phone services including wireless voice, messaging, and data services under the Hello Mobile brand.[2] As of June 2021, Qlink Wireless has almost 2 million subscribers.[3]

Q Link Wireless is one of multiple companies owned and operated under Quadrant Holdings, and was founded in 2011 by its CEO, Issa Asad. Asad has been the company’s only CEO since its founding.[4]

Provided service[edit]

Lifeline service[edit]

Q Link Wireless provides service for low-income-eligible individuals who do not already have a Lifeline account. The Lifeline service is funded through the Universal Service Fund. The Lifeline program is available to eligible low-income consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal land.[5] Applications for service can be made through the Q Link Wireless homepage or by mailing or faxing the application form. Q Link Wireless is contracted with T-Mobile as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator.[6]

Customers may purchase more minutes once their free monthly benefit is exhausted.[7]

Lifeline phone plans[edit]

Q Link Wireless offers a general Lifeline phone plan called “Always On Plan”.[8]

Eligibility requirements[edit]

Q Link Wireless offers free or discounted service to eligible Americans who are currently enrolled in a government benefit program or meet certain low-income requirements for their state. Government benefit programs that meet qualifications are standard and set by FCC, but commonly include Food Stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), Medicaid, and Supplemental Security Income.[9]


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