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Sahibzada Habib-ur-Rahman Qalandar Momand (September 1, 1930 - February 4, 2003) was a well-known Pashto scholar, poet, critic, short story writer, journalist, linguist, lexicographer, and academician. He was born in Eid Gah, Bazid Khel Peshawar Pakistan.He was also a trade unionist, nationalist political activist and a member of the Communist Party of Pakistan.


His services in the field of literature, journalism and politics have been acknowledged by the Government of Pakistan, which decorated him with the Pride of Performance, National Award for Democracy, and Sitara-e-Imtiaz. As a young writer Qalandar Momand was essentially a revolutionary and his literary work reflected his ideas about social justice, freedom, and progress. His revolutionary ideas were consistent with his Pakhtun nationalism—he did not see a conflict between Pakhtunwali and Marxist notion of community and social equality. He was one of the leaders of the progressive literary movement of the 1950s and 60s. He was critical of the regime and, therefore, the government put him in prison. But he was a man of his convictions who never compromised. In other words, he was not for sale.


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Books written by Qalandar Momand Pakhto dictionary, Daryab, Gujrai of Pakhto fiction Sabawon of poetry collection Paṭah khazanah fī al-mīzan