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Qaleh Juq or Qalah Juq or Ghaleh Joogh or Qaleh Jaq or Qaleh Joq or Qaleh Jokh or Qaleh Jogh, Qaleh Jukh, Qaleh-ye Joq or Qaleh-ye Juq or Ghaleh Jogh (Persian: قلعه جوق‎) may refer to:

Ardabil Province[edit]

East Azerbaijan Province[edit]

Hamadan Province[edit]

Ilam Province[edit]

Kurdistan Province[edit]

Kermanshah Province[edit]

North Khorasan Province[edit]

Qazvin Province[edit]

Razavi Khorasan Province[edit]

West Azerbaijan Province[edit]

Zanjan Province[edit]

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