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Qibla is a Shi'a and Sunni Muslim organisation in South Africa founded in the 1980s. The group is known for its fight against apartheid in the 80's and 90's, as well as for its continuing struggle for social, economic and political justice for all South Africans.

Qibla is one of the most well-established Muslim organizations in South Africa. Formed in 1980 by Imam Ahmed Kassim to lend a voice to Muslims who were disillusioned by the tendency of the then traditional leadership to "steer away from politics". Qibla's doctrine is drawn from the Quran and other sources.

Qibla is not the only group with which Ahmed Kassim is involved. In 1995, he was appointed chair of the Islamic Unity Convention (IUC), an umbrella organization for over 250 South African Muslim groups.

To spread its message, the IUC set up the Cape Town-based Radio 786. The station, which claimed 135,000 listeners in a 2000 survey, it presents programs focusing on social issues that concern the Muslim community as well as the broader public to South Africa's Muslims. The organisation also has two affiliated sister organisations working on charity and education respectively. Mustadhafin Foundation is reported to be the first relief agency to respond in areas affected by a nineties typhoon in Cape Town. This Qibla affiliated organisation is currently still offering support and relief services to various disenfranchised communities in South Africa. The other affiliated organisation known as Iqraa Foundation, is an education based agency also working among disenfranchised communities.