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Qibla is a Shi'a and Sunni political organisation in South Africa. It was founded by Ahmed Cassiem in the 1980s, seeking to remove apartheid along with all of the other organisations which were dedicated to the fight against apartheid. [1] The organisation has members of both Sunni and Shia persuasion. Ahmed Cassiem was incarcerated on Robben Island by the apartheid regime for much of his adult life.[2]

The organisation also has two affiliated sister organisations working on charity and education respectively. Mustadhafin Foundation is reported to be the first relief agency to respond in areas affected by a nineties typhoon in Cape Town. This Qibla affiliated organisation is currently still offering support and relief services to various disenfranchised communities in South Africa. The other affiliated organisation known as Iqraa Foundation, is an education based agency also working among disenfranchised communities.[citation needed]


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