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Qlucore is a bioinformatics company from Lund, Sweden, that provides software for the life science and biotech industries. The main product, Qlucore Omics Explorer is used by clients in more than 25 countries and the program is referenced in many scientific articles, see a list at [1].

In addition to the highly interactive work model based on dynamic PCA, metrics such as the innovative Projection Score [1] guides also inexperienced users to select correct settings.

The software Qlucore Omics Explorer can be used to analyze data sets such as

  • Gene expression: RNA-seq, microarrays, real-time PCR
  • MicroRNA: microarrays, real-time PCR
  • DNA methylation: microarrays
  • Protein expression: microarrays, antibody arrays, 2-D gels
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics data
  • Flow cytometry data
  • Any multivariate data of size up to 1000 x 100,000

Since 2007, a new version of the software has been released approximately every nine months. At the Qlucore website you can download a free trial version and watch demonstration videos to learn more.

The founders are Thoas Fioretos, professor and senior consultant at the Division of Clinical Genetics at Lund University Hospital, Johan Råde, associate professor of mathematics at Lund University, Magnus Fontes, professor of mathematics at Lund University and Qlucore president Carl-Johan Ivarsson.


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