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The Quaal River is a river in the Kitimat Ranges of the Coast Mountains in British Columbia, Canada, flowing south into Kitkiata Inlet in the North Coast region.[1]

Indian reserves[edit]

Quaal Indian Reserve No. 3 of the Kitkaata Nation band government are located at the river's mouth at 53°39′00″N 129°20′00″W / 53.65000°N 129.33333°W / 53.65000; -129.33333 (Quaal IR No. 3).[2] Quaal Indian Reserve No. 3A is nearby, located on Kitkiata Inlet near the river's mouth at 53°38′00″N 129°17′00″W / 53.63333°N 129.28333°W / 53.63333; -129.28333 (Quaal IR No. 3A).[3] Also on the inlet is Kitkahta Indian Reserve No. 1 at 53°38′00″N 129°16′00″W / 53.63333°N 129.26667°W / 53.63333; -129.26667 (Kitkahta IR No. 1).[4]

Also located at the mouth of the Quaal River is Gill Island Indian Reserve No. 2 at 53°39′00″N 129°17′00″W / 53.65000°N 129.28333°W / 53.65000; -129.28333 (Gill Island IR No. 2).[5]

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Coordinates: 53°38′53″N 129°18′12″W / 53.64806°N 129.30333°W / 53.64806; -129.30333 (Quaal River)