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Quadrax is a Slovak video game series of freeware games by Cauldron, commencing with Quadrax in 1995.[1]


The first game was one of the first commercially sold logic games sold in Slovakia.[2] It was a remake of the 1994 game created by programmers David Durčák and Marian Ferko in 1994 for ZX Spectrum. The duo would found Cauldron the following year.[2]

Despite the success of the first game, there wasn't an official sequel by Cauldron. A few years later, Alfaline would created an unofficial and unpublished sequel in 1997.[3] Meanwhile, Quadrax III would become the first public successor in 2000.[1] The fourth game was released in 2008.[1]

Critical reception[edit]

Bonusweb.cz felt that Quadrax belonged in the tradition of puzzle games alongside The Humans and Lemmings.[4] The site described 2006's Faux pa as a clone of this title.[5] Doupe.cz thought the game was excellent.[6]

Bonusweb.cz said Quadrax IV is a cool project[7] and that it does not disappoint.[1]

Bonusweb.cz said that Quadrax VIII is the most difficult game of all time.[8]

Bonusweb.cz felt that Quadrax X raised the bar of difficulty from the previous entries.[9]


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