Qubur Bani Isra'il

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Qubur Bani Isra'il
Colored photograph showing a rectangular stone structure
Qubur Bani Isra'il is located in the West Bank
Qubur Bani Isra'il
Shown within the West Bank
Location West Bank
Coordinates 31°50′32″N 35°16′08″E / 31.842250°N 35.268950°E / 31.842250; 35.268950
Type tomb
Material local stone

Qubur Bani Isra'il (trans. "Tombs of the Children of Israel"), are huge stone structures which rise from a rocky plateau overlooking Wadi Qelt, about 3.5 miles northeast of Jerusalem along Highway 437 near Pisgat Zeev.


The megaliths, measuring 50 by 10 feet (15.2 by 3.0 m), form rectangular walled structures, two or three rows of whose gigantic, rough-hewn stones are still carefully in place. There were originally five, but one was demolished to make way for the Ramallah bypass road erected in the late 1980s.[1]


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