Quebec Open

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Quebec Open
Tournament information
Venue Hotel Universel
Location Drummondville, Quebec
Country Canada, Canada
Established 2006 (11th edition)
Organisation(s) NDFC, BDO, category D / WDF category 3
Format Sets
Prize fund C$7,500
Current champion(s)
Canada Martin Tremblay

The Quebec Open [1] is a Canadian darts tournament that has been held since 2006 the event comprises both mens singles and doubles and women's singles and doubles competition.

List of tournaments[edit]

Mens singles[edit]

Year Champion Score Runner-Up Total
Prize Money
Champion Runner-Up
2006 Canada Jon MacDougall  ?-? Canada Martin Tremblay C$1,600 C$800 C$400
2007 Canada Al Bouchie  ?-? Canada Jerry Hull C$2,800 C$800 C$400
2008 Canada Gerry Convery  ?-? Canada Mario Isabelle C$2,400 C$800 C$400
2009 Canada Richard Marcotte  ?-? Canada Martin Tremblay C$2,400 C$800 C$400
2010 Canada Marco Gonthier 5-3 Canada Marcel Simard C$2,400 C$800 C$400
2011 Canada Marcel Simard beat Canada Terry Hayhurst C$2,750 C$1,000 C$500
2012 Canada David Dionne beat Canada Marcel Simard C$2,750 C$1,000 C$500
2013 Canada David Cameron beat Canada Andy Rust C$2,750 C$1,000 C$500
2014 Canada Paul Bolduc beat Canada David Cameron C$2,750 C$1,000 C$500
2015 Canada Dawson Murschell beat Canada Marcel Simard C$2,750 C$1,000 C$500
2016 Canada Dawson Murschell beat Canada Steve Warnock C$2,750 C$1,000 C$500
2017 Canada Martin Tremblay beat Canada Ross Snook C$2,750 C$1,000 C$500

Tournament records[edit]

  • Most wins 2: Canada Dawson Murschell.
  • Most Finals 4: Canada Marcel Simard.
  • Most Semi Finals 7: Canada Marcel Simard.
  • Most Quarter Finals 7: Canada Marcel Simard.
  • Most Appearances 8: Canada Marco Gonthier, Canada Marcel Simard, Canada Martin Tremblay.
  • Most Prize Money won C$3,418: Canada Marcel Simard.
  • Best winning average () : .
  • Youngest Winner age 19: Canada Dawson Murschell .
  • Oldest Winner age 52: Canada Gerry Convery.


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