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Queensbury Academy
Motto Achieving potential by learning together
Established 2012 (1972)
Type Academy
Principal Mr Oliver Button
Location Langdale Road
51°52′42″N 0°31′42″W / 51.87822°N 0.52824°W / 51.87822; -0.52824Coordinates: 51°52′42″N 0°31′42″W / 51.87822°N 0.52824°W / 51.87822; -0.52824
DfE URN 138571 Tables
Ofsted Reports Pre-academy reports
Students 935 Ofsted report May 2014
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–18
Colours Burgundy, Grey
Website www.queensburyacademy.com

Queensbury Academy /ˈkwnzbəri/ is a mixed, 11-18 secondary school and sixth form in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England. In September 2015, the academy was a fully enrolling secondary school for Years 7-13. The academy has 900 students on roll, including Sixth Form students.

The academy is rated as "Good" by Ofsted in its 2014 Ofsted Inspection. Queensbury is the only school with a Good Ofsted Rating in Dunstable and is set to be on its way to being Outstanding. The school had been rated as "Inadeqaute" when it was Queensbury Upper School. In the summer 2015, 56% of students got good grades in Mathematics and English examinations.


Kingsbury Technical School (a mixed-sex Technical school) and Queen Eleanor's Grammar School for Girls were merged in 1972 to form Queensbury Upper School, when Bedfordshire changed from a two-tier school system to a three-tier system.

Queensbury was the second Grant-maintained school. The school had been flagged for closure but the community, including the local Member of b Parliament, David Madel, fought to keep it open and took advantage of the introduction of the grant-maintained system introduced in 1988. Grant-maintained schools were abolished in 1998, and Queensbury was converted to a Foundation School. During its ten years as a Grant-maintained school, it grew from having very low enrollment numbers (as the school was due to close) to being heavily oversubscribed.

The school was converted to an academy in September 2012, and was renamed Queensbury Academy. The academy has an OFSTED Inspection in May 2014, and was recognised as Good and well on its way on being Outstanding.


  • Oliver Button (2012–present)
  • Jill Coughlan CBE (2012), interim
  • Nigel Hill (2003-2012)
  • Lynn Morgan (2003), interim
  • Bob Clayton (1994-2003)
  • Keith Barker (1984-1994)
  • Christina Scott (1972-1984)


Queensbury is surrounded by three roads, Canesworde Road, Langdale Road and Hilton Avenue (Most of the roads located in this area are named after places in the Lake District). It is in South West Dunstable, but takes children from across Dunstable and the surrounding villages.

Senior Staff[edit]

Principal: Mr O. Button

Senior Vice Principal: Mr M. Little

Senior Vice Principal: Mrs R. Mason

Vice Principal: Mrs S. Roberts

Head of Hawking: Mr Dumpleton

Sugar House: Mr N. Brown

Head of Ennis and Rowling House: Mr P. Thompson

Head of English: Mrs M. Hart

2nd in department and in charge of literacy : Mrs G Capp

Head of Mathematics: Mr A. Bird

Head of Science: Mrs H. Wheeler

Head of Computer science (ict) Mrs T. Grace and Mr j searle

Head of Art: Mrs Z. McCabe/Mrs W. Higby

Head of History: Mr M. O'Rourke

Head of Geography: Mrs T. Lysak

School site[edit]

Because the school used to be two separate schools, the buildings are quite a distant apart and there is some duplication in rooms across the school. There are, for instance, two gyms, main halls and canteens. There are two entrances from different sides of the site, although the main entrance leading to reception in the Central building is on Langdale Road.

Until the completion of Central building, where there is one purpose built staffroom, there were also two staff rooms - one per building.

On Langdale Road, there is a staff entrance to East building (the former Queen Eleanor's), and a main entrance to Central building. Opposite Meadway there is an entrance to West building (via Canesworde Road). 'Central' building was added in 1999. The buildings have been updated to include IT suites in all buildings and new signage. Further recent improvements include new windows, a cafeteria area, an environmental centre and a covered outside picnic area for students. The academy also has a fitness suite for students and staff to use.


Queensbury uses a vertical 'house' system to encourage teamwork and competition within the school, with awards and points being given to houses for various events. Each tutor group is assigned to a house. The houses are based in the two main buildings with Ennis and Rowling in the 'East' and Hawking and Sugar in the 'West'. Until 2013, the houses were named (with colours): Mead (green), Canesworde (yellow), Langdale (blue) and Hilton (red), after the four roads that surround the school site. The houses compete against each other during an annual Sports Day and occasional afternoon events, these give "Q Points" depending on a house's finishing position which are used to give rewards to the students I.E: A film afternoon.

All students are required to wear correct uniform. The ties, although the same design and basic colours have a stripe in a colour representing their house. The houses and colours are shown below. Each house is based on an influential person:

House Influential Person
Hawking Stephen Hawking
Rowling JK Rowling
Ennis Jessica Ennis
Sugar Sir Alan Sugar


The academy was rated as Good by Ofsted in its 2014 Inspection. The previous school, Queensbury Upper School, was rated as Inadequate. The academy has a grade 2 in all areas of the inspection

Teaching GOOD

Sixth Form GOOD

Leadership GOOD

Attainment of students GOOD

Behaviour of Students GOOD


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