Querim Beach

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Querim beach in 2013

Querim Beach is a beach in Goa, also known as Keri beach. It is the largest northernmost beach in Goa. The beach comprises a long stretch of sand with a few rocky outcrops, rows of trees and a river inlet of Tiracol River. It is located to the north of the Arambol beach, but in order to reach there by foot, one has to walk through the hill and jungle between the Paliem Sweet Water Lake and Querim Beach. Querim is 30 Kilometers from Mapusa. From the north side of Keri beach, one can see a restaurant and bar on a high hill on the Tiracol side of the Tiracol River. There is also a resort by the name "Hotel Hill Rock" next to it, which is known for its peaceful atmosphere and has a small but well equipped Bistro on the property. On the highest most cliff at the Tiracol side is the Fort Tiracol, which is now converted into a heritage hotel. [1][2]

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