Quern – Undying Thoughts

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Quern – Undying Thoughts
Publisher(s) Zadbox Entertainment
Director(s) Daniel Poszmik
Programmer(s) Gergely Gulyas
Composer(s) Marcell Kerepesi & Abel Szakacs
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Windows macOS Linux Rift
Release November 28 2016
Genre(s) Adventure

Quern – Undying Thoughts is a graphic video game[1] by Zadbox Entertainment.[2] It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Rift.[3]


The plot involves a character arriving through a large gateway, which destructs upon their arrival, on the mysterious island of Quern with no memory of the past. There are dozens of puzzles to solve that open approximately 50 locked doors. All are needed to find a way off the island.[1] There is no hostility or combat.[4]


PCWorld gave the game 4 out of 5 stars, saying it was similar to Myst of old with excellent gameplay.[1] Adventure Gamers gave it 4/5 stars.[5] Metacritic gave it a positive score of 83/100.[2]


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