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Quick may refer to:


In the United States

In business[edit]




In sports[edit]

  • AHC Quick, also known as Quick Amsterdam, a baseball and softball club based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Quick 1888, also known as Quick Nijmegen, an amateur sporting club from Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • Colloquial term for a fast bowler in cricket


Other uses[edit]

  • Quick, an informal name for the hyponychium, a sensitive region of skin between the fingertip and the free edge of the fingernail
  • USS Quick (DD-490), a US Navy ship during World War II
  • Quiz for Improving Crew Knowledge, used in railway crew management in India for evaluation of crew knowledge
  • QUICK scheme (Quadratic Upstream Interpolation for Convective Kinematics), in computational fluid dynamics

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