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Original author(s)Adam Hudson[1]
Developer(s)(and Phil Becker)
Initial release1986; 37 years ago (1986)[2][3][4]

BBS Sites that ran on QBBS (QuickBBS) Texas:

AES (Austin Software Exchange) ran for over 10 years - Site offered Files, Message Board, Doors, Games, multi-user chat rooms. First in area to offer ISDN services.
Stable release
2.90 / January 4, 1999; 24 years ago (1999-01-04)
Operating systemMS-DOS
TypeBulletin board system

QuickBBS (QBBS) was a bulletin board system (BBS) application first introduced for MS-DOS by Adam Hudson.[5][6][7]



Multi-User Login



File Transfer

Multi-user interaction

Low Memory Overhead
Written in Borland Turbo Pascal

Other BBS Software Programs[edit]

FidoBBS / FidoNET


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