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Common Quickfit components include (1) Pear shaped flask, 50 ml (2) Stillhead (3) Liebig condenser (4) Screwcap adapter (5) Receiver adapter (6) Thermometer (7) Dropping funnel, 50 ml, with Rotaflo tap (8) Stopper (9) Air leak / steam inlet tube (10) Round bottom flask, 25 ml (11) Air condenser / drying tube (12) Sintered glass funnel (13) Drying tube (14) Pear shaped flask, 50 ml, with angled side neck (15) Air leak / steam inlet tube (16) Adapter with 'T' connection (17) Screwcap adapter

Quickfit is a brand of laboratory glassware, produced under the Pyrex trademark and distributed through various fronts in differing countries; e.g. Corning in North America. The glassware is well known worldwide for its build quality and it appears in numerous laboratories. A large percentage of the glassware makes use of ground glass joints.

The QuickFit brand is blown in Stone, Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom and marketed through the Scilabware front in the United Kingdom. 'Quickfit' has become a genericized trademark for all ground glass. Whilst the ownership and name of QuickFit has changed numerous times, all genuine QuickFit glass is stamped with a Q, displaying the brand name, the word Pyrex and the part code.


1923, James A. Jobling licensed to produce Pyrex branded glassware[1]

1962, Quartz and QuickFit glassware goes into production at Stone[1]

1970, Quickfit becomes a part of Jobling Lab Division[1]

1973, Quickfit joins the Corning company[1]

1982, Name changed to J Bibby Scientific Products[1]

1986, Name changed to Bibby Sterilin[1]

2005, they become Barloworld Scientific,[1]

2008, add disposable plastics to the product range and change the name to Scilabware[1]


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