Quicksilver Aircraft

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Quicksilver Aircraft
IndustryAerospace manufacturer
FounderDick Eipper
Key people
COO Dan Perez
ProductsKit aircraft

Quicksilver Aircraft is an American manufacturer of ultralight and light aircraft. Founded in 1972 as Eipper Formance and later Eipper Aircraft,[1] the company today claims to be the leading manufacturer of ultralight aircraft in the United States,[2] with the Quicksilver type ultralight being used to train more ultralight pilots than any other type.[3]

The company was previously known as Quicksilver Manufacturing Inc..[4]

In October 2015, the company began a reorganization after a difficult year financially, closing its factory in California. Company sales had fallen and efforts to control costs were not successful without the reorganization and a liquidation of some assets.[5]

Previous logo as Quicksilver Manufacturing



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