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Coordinates: 53°57′38″N 1°04′33″W / 53.9605°N 1.0758°W / 53.9605; -1.0758

Quilt Museum and Gallery
Established 2008
Location York, England
Type Museum and Gallery
Collection size 600+ objects
Website http://www.quiltmuseum.org.uk

The Quilt Museum and Gallery, which opened in St Anthony's Hall, York on 7 June 2008, was Britain's first museum dedicated to the history of British quilt making and textile arts. The museum was founded and operated by The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles. The Guild was formed in 1979 and is the national organisation representing quilt makers throughout the country. Traditional and contemporary work is of equal importance within the Guild, and membership is open to anyone who works in patchwork, appliqué, and quilting, or has an interest in quilts.

The Quilt Museum and Gallery closed on 31 October 2015 as it was not financially viable to remain open.[1]

The Quilters’ Guild will continue to care for its Collection of historic and contemporary quilts and are concentrating their efforts on finding a location where the public can gain access to quilts by pre-organised visits. They are also exploring a wide range of opportunities for items from the Collection to be exhibited in other locations.

The Quilt Museum and Gallery was located at St Anthony's Hall, a 15th-century hall which was once a meeting-place for York's medieval guild.

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