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This article is about the original British version. For the U.S. version part of the PlayMania Block, see Quiznation (U.S. game show).
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Quiznation was a television program on the British quiz channel by the same name that was owned and operated by Optimistic Entertainment. In its last year, it featured hours of gaming each day. Quiznation aired all week on Fortune Fever from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m featuring constant tower games. On 31 May 2007, Quiznation aired its last episode.

About the Show[edit]

Quiznation started in November 2003 on Sky channel 277. The channel was originally called Nation277. Shortly after launch, it was moved to channel 217 during an EPG reshuffle, and subsequently changed its name to Nation217. Different interactive games were on for most of the day. Though under the larger banner of Gamenation, Nation217 showed a variety of interactive programming including The Cash Vault and Dare. Nation217 started to cease some of the programs and replaced the slots with Quiznation. Eventually Quiznation was the entire output for the channel. The channel was then officially named Quiznation.

In late 2005, Quiznation started to bring back some of its axed programming starting with Celebrity Sudoku. They introduced more shows like Initial Thinking and Taxi. At the beginning of 2006, Quiznation cut back its broadcasting hours to three hours a night and began airing nothing but the Quiznation program again.

This format was adapted to the United States as PlayMania in April 2006. Presenter Mel Peachey co-hosted the program throughout the next year. It was split into two separate shows in February 2007, one being renamed quiznation, taking after its predecessor.

The 31 May 2007 episode was Quiznation's final airing. The program finished with a highlight reel of Quiznation moments.

Programs featured[edit]

This is an incomplete list of some of the programs featured during the original Nation217 (and 277).

  • Bowling for Bucks - Hosted by Debbie King
  • Cash Command - Hosted by Hannah Peckham (Daily on Nation217 at 8pm]
  • The Cash Vault — A question is posed. When a caller answers a question correctly, he or she can choose one of 100 doors in the Cash Vault. Each door has a prize amount behind it. This was adapted to become 100 Winners in the PlayMania Block in the United States.
  • Celebrity Sudoku — A game similar to Sudoku is played, using pictures of celebrities rather than numbers.
  • Dare
  • Hot or Cold
  • Initial Thinking — Conundra such as 12 D of C or 1 F O the C N are posed. The caller must identify what the letters and numbers stand for.
  • Music Nation
  • Taxi
  • Gamenation - One of the main daily shows. Hosted by either Yemi Sawyerr, Dean Wilson, Liz Fuller, Caroline Flack or Olivia Lee.
  • The Morning After Girls - An early evening quiz show for the lads. Hosted by Caroline Flack and Olivia Lee.
  • Flipside TV - Later aired on Channel 4 in August - September 2004, before moving to Paramount Comedy 2.
  • Christmas Nation - Hosted by Yemi and Anouska at Christmas 2005 showing a Game and also Showing Music Videos and Entertainment(Pre-Recorded)
  • It's Your Call - A evening show featuring a studio contestant who would ask for help from callers at home to win cash prize. Hosted by either Dean Wilson or Anthony Heywood

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