Régine Chopinot

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Régine Chopinot
Born1952 (age 70–71)
Occupation(s)Choreographer, dancer
Years active1976–present

Régine Chopinot (born 1952), born at Fort-de-l'Eau (nowadays Bordj El Kiffan) in Algeria,[1] is a French dancer and choreographer of Contemporary Dance.


Since she was 5 years old,[2] Régine Chopinot studied classical dance, and then discovered, in 1974, Contemporary Dance with Marie Zighera. She will later teach at Croix-Rousse in Lyon (Véronique Ros de la Grange was one of her students) . In 1978, she founded her own company, Compagnie du Grèbe, in association with dancers, actors and musicians.[2] She then signed her first choreographies. In 1981, three years later, she won the second prize of Concours chorégraphique international de Bagnolet for Halley's Comet.[2]

Her creations, Délices et Via, will introduce multimedia and cinema in the dance world and use new lighting techniques. For Délices in 1983, Régine Chopinot met Jean-Paul Gaultier,[2] a French tailor. Both artists will keep working together for 10 years, for Le Défilé (1985), K.O.K. (1988), Ana (1990) St Georges (1991) et Façade (1993).[3]


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