Røyken Church

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Røyken Church
Royken krk1.jpg
Backside of Røyken Church
59°44′46″N 10°23′12″E / 59.746°N 10.3867°E / 59.746; 10.3867Coordinates: 59°44′46″N 10°23′12″E / 59.746°N 10.3867°E / 59.746; 10.3867
Location Røyken
Country Buskerud
Style Romanesque
Completed 1229

Røyken Church (Norwegian: Røyken kirke) is a church in the Røyken municipality, Buskerud, Norway.[1][2]

Røyken Church serves Røyken parish in the Lier rural deanery of the Church of Norway. Røyken Church is a medieval nave stone church. It was constructed of local red granite. It is believed to date from the 1220s. The first written record of the church appeared in Eysteinn Erlendsson's Røde Bok (Biskop Eysteins jordebok) in 1392. The church is characterized by the same strict simplicity that characterizes many churches from the same time.[3][4]

The church has a rectangular nave with stone walls that are around 2 meters thick. The interior, which has been painted several times, was restored in the 1930s.The church has a medieval baptismal font in soapstone. [5] [6] [7]


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