Römerberg (Frankfurt)

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Daytime view, with the Römer, a city hall
Fountain and reconstructed eastern section

Römerberg (also spelled as Roemerberg, lit.'Roman Mountain') is a public space in Frankfurt, Germany. It is located in front of the Römer building complex, seat of the Frankfurt city administration since the 15th century.[1] As the site of numerous imperial coronations, trade fairs and Christmas markets, the square is the historic heart of the medieval Altstadt (old town) and today a popular tourist destination.

Paulsplatz, another historic square, is to the north. The Old St Nicholas Church and Historical Museum are to the south. Beyond that is the Mainkai [de], a promenade by the River Main. On the west side of the square is the reconstructed Römer medieval building. To the east is the Dom-Römer Project, and beyond that is Frankfurt Cathedral.

Memorial for book burning in 1933; on the ground of Römerberg Square in front of Frankfurt city hall, Hesse, Germany

Römerberg is a major location for the outdoor Frankfurt Christmas Market.[2]

It was the site of a Nazi book burning in 1933.


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