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Microwave transmission station "Richtstrahlanlage R-905"

The R-905 is a microwave transmission station that is used in the Swiss Army. The directional station consists of a transmitting and receiving device (SE R-905) - in which the antenna reflector is also integrated - the operator terminal (BT) - a handset with keypad and LCD - and a supply equipment (SA 95/1). There are a 24-V battery, a tripod with guy ropes, and a camouflage net. All the mentioned sums up to about 230 kg but can be man-carried separately.

Over a maximum of 4 km of Optical fiber cable (OFC) a parabolic antenna "Bündelschlüsselgerät" (BSG 93) is connected to the SE. The optical signal has a user Bit rate of either 2 or 8 MiBit.

The frequency range is from 14.64 to 15.21 GHz, with a frequency difference of at least 150 MHz.

The maximum range is about 35 km. The range can be increase by using up to two R-905 as relay stations. A relay station consists of two R-905s, which are connected to an optical fiber.

Over an unencrypted service channel that is multiplexed to the utility and remote control signals can be telephoned with the other operators of the BSG93s and the SEs.

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