R.Hide in Plain Site

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R.Hide in Plain Site
R Hide in Plain Site.jpg
Studio album by Romanthony
Released April 18, 2000
Label Glasgow Underground
Romanthony chronology
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R.Hide in Plain Site

R.Hide in Plain Site is the fourth and final studio album by American garage house producer Romanthony. It was released by Glasgow Underground Records on April 18, 2000.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Countdown 2000"
  2. "Bring U Up"
  3. "Luv Somebody"
  4. "Feel Ya Love"
  5. "Wreck"
  6. "Down 4 U"
  7. "Floorpiece"
  8. "Count Da Ways"
  9. "Body Language"
  10. "? $ Luv"
  11. "Faraway"

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