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R J Dent is an English writer of fiction and non-fiction.


His stories, poems and essays have appeared in a variety of magazines, journals and periodicals, including Writer’s Muse, Orbis, Chanticleer, Agenda, Panda, Roundyhouse, Quazen, Authspot, and Philosophy Now.

His first novel, Myth, is a dark fantasy/horror story set on a Greek island. It was published in July 2006.

He has translated Le Comte de Lautréamont’s The Songs of Maldoror, Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil, and Alcaeus’s Poems & Fragments into English.



Short stories[edit]

  • A Triumph (2002) Writer’s Muse
  • Jordy Michaels Leaps the Great Divide (2004) Philosophy Now
  • More to the Picture (2006) Writer’s Muse
  • Chest of Wonders (2006) Express Art Gallery
  • Mimique (2007) AWEN
  • 9/11 Considered as the First Turn in a Game of Darts (2007) Authspot
  • The Purple Butterfly (2008) Writer’s Muse
  • For Heart’s Sake (2008) Authspot
  • Yellow Bandana (2008) Authspot
  • The Short Story (2008) Writinghood
  • Tally (2008) Authspot
  • Windows (2008) Authspot
  • On The Bus (2008) Authspot
  • The Six Letters of Henry VIII (2008) Authspot
  • Echoes (2008) Authspot



  • A Collaboration of Unlike Minds: Robert Graves’ and William Blake’s The Tyger (2006) Roundyhouse
  • You who magically make supple the old bones of the after-hours drunkard trampled by the horses’ – an essay on translating (2006) Agenda
  • Violence and exquisite beauty – the aesthetics of Roy Campbell (2006) Agenda
  • J. G. Ballard and the fiction of enclosed space (2007) Quazen
  • The Life, Death and Afterlife of Richard Bachman(2007) Quazen

Poetry Collections[edit]

  • Moonstone Silhouettes

As Contributor[edit]

Sade: Sex and Death - Essays on the Marquis De Sade

The Blood Delirium: The Vampire in 19th Century Literature

'Introduction: The Rolling Stones and Jeremy Reed' in Voodoo Excess: Rolling with the Stones by Jeremy Reed


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