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Rodolphe Louis Mégroz (2 August 1891 – 30 September 1968) was a prolific English writer, critic and poet. He was born in London, with a French father and English mother. He worked in a bank before World War I, in which he served in the British Army at Gallipoli.[1][2]

After the war Mégroz trained as a journalist, and worked as a freelance. He also wrote numerous books, and stories. During World War II he worked for the BBC.


  • Personal Poems (1919)
  • A talk with Joseph Conrad and a criticism of his mind and method (1926)
  • The Three Sitwells; a biographical and critical study (1927)
  • Francis Thompson: The Poet of Earth in Heaven. A Study in Poetic Mysticism and the Evolution of Love-Poetry (1927) (Faber & Gwyer)
  • Ronald Ross, discoverer and creator (1931)
  • Rhys Davies. A Critical Sketch (1932)
  • The Lear Omnibus (1938)
  • The Real Robinson Crusoe (1939)
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti, painter poet of heaven in earth
  • Profile Art Through the Ages: A Study of the Use and significance of Profile and Silhouette from the Stone Age to Puppet Films
  • Shakespeare as a Letter Writer and Artist in Prose
  • Walter de la Mare: A Biography and Critical Study (1972)


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