RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member A1

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Protein RBMY1A1 PDB 2fy1.png
Available structures
PDB Human UniProt search: PDBe RCSB
Aliases RBMY1A1, RBM, RBM1, RBM2, RBMY, RBMY1C, YRRM1, YRRM2, RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 1, member A1
External IDs HomoloGene: 121598 GeneCards: RBMY1A1
Gene location (Human)
Y chromosome (human)
Chr. Y chromosome (human)[1]
Y chromosome (human)
Genomic location for RBMY1A1
Genomic location for RBMY1A1
Band Yq11.223 Start 21,511,372 bp[1]
End 21,549,326 bp[1]
Species Human Mouse
RefSeq (mRNA)



RefSeq (protein)



Location (UCSC) Chr Y: 21.51 – 21.55 Mb n/a
PubMed search [2] n/a
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RNA-binding motif protein, Y chromosome, family 1 member A1/C is a protein that in humans is encoded by the RBMY1A1 gene.[3][4][5]

This gene encodes a protein containing an RNA-binding motif in the N-terminus and four SRGY (serine, arginine, glycine, tyrosine) boxes in the C-terminus. Multiple copies of this gene are found in the AZFb azoospermia factor region of chromosome Y and the encoded protein is thought to be involved in spermatogenesis. Most copies of this locus are pseudogenes, although six highly similar copies have full-length ORFs and are considered functional. Four functional copies of this gene are found within inverted repeat IR2; two functional copies of this gene are found in palindrome P3, along with two copies of PTPN13-like, Y-linked. Alternative splicing of transcripts results in two transcript variants that encode different proteins.[5]


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