RC Olomouc

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RC Olomouc
Full name Rugby Club Olomouc
Founded 1953
Location Olomouc, Czech Republic
President Czech Republic Ing. Jaromír Šimek
Coach(es) Czech Republic Vladimír Smička
League(s) KB První Liga
Team kit
2nd kit

RC Olomouc is a Czech rugby club based in Olomouc. They currently play in the KB První Liga.


The club was founded in 1953. It started when Milos Dobrý, a former Czechoslovak international and the last president of the Czechoslovak union, moved to Olomouc from Prague in 1951. Initially the club consisted of the Dukla Zenit Olomouc army team and a civilian team.

One of the club's biggest problems in the early years was securing a home ground. They played at a number of grounds, in the Černovír and Holice areas of the city, the village of Bohuňovice, the race track in Lazce and an open field next to Andrův Stadium.

In 2003 the club celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Historical names[edit]

  • 1953 - 1960 Dukla Zenit Olomouc
  • 1956 - 1958 TJ Spartak ŽPB Olomouc
  • 1958–present RC Lokomotiva Olomouc

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