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Reva may refer to:


  • Reva, Belgrade, urban neighborhood of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Reva, Mozambique, village in Ancuabe District in Cabo Delgado Province in northeastern Mozambique
  • Reva, Trebnje, small settlement just south of Dobrnič in the Municipality of Trebnje in eastern Slovenia
  • Reva, South Dakota, unincorporated community in Harding County, South Dakota, United States
  • Reva, Virginia, unincorporated community in Culpeper County, Virginia, United States


Given name[edit]

  • Reva, Hindu first name for females that means Narmada river, indigo plant, and Rati in Sanskrit [1]
  • Reva Beck Bosone (1895–1983), U.S. Representative from Utah
  • Reva Brooks (1913–2004), Canadian photographer
  • Reva Gerstein (born 1917), Canadian psychologist and educator
  • Reva Jackman (1892–1966), American painter, muralist, printmaker, designer and illustrator
  • Reva Rice, American musical theatre actress and singer
  • Reva Rose (born 1940), American film and stage actress
  • Reva Seth, Canadian journalist, author, lawyer, strategic communications consultant, speaker, coach and entrepreneur.
  • Reva Siegel (born 1956), Professor of Law at Yale Law School
  • Reva Stone (born 1944), Canadian digital artist
  • Reva Unterman, British columnist and author

Middle name[edit]


  • Révay family or Réva family, Hungarian noble family, who owned estates in Turóc county, the Kingdom of Hungary until the early 20th century
    • Péter Révay or Réva, Hungarian nobleman, Royal Crown Guard for the Holy Crown of Hungary, poet, state official, soldier and historian
  • Aleksandr Reva (born 1970), Russian football player
  • John Reva (born 1990), Papua New Guinean cricketer
  • Vitaliy Reva, a Ukrainian footballer


  • Reva or Rewa, a river in central India also known as Narmada

Arts and entertainment[edit]