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RIPFEST collaborative film project is an annual filmmaking project run by a collaborative group of film and television producers and past participants. The organization assigns several teams of filmmakers, and gives them 2 weeks to write, shoot and edit a complete, original short film. Started in 2002, there have been 10 RIPFEST events in New York and LA, producing more than 80 original short films. RIPFEST #11 begins April 10, 2010, shoots April 17-18th, and Premieres April 26.

RIPFEST collaborative film project is one of the only film festivals that makes its own films.


For each group, a Producer, a Writer, a Composer, a Director, a DP, an Editor, and 2-4 Actors are chosen. The group must follow a strict schedule: - 2 days for re-writes - 2 days for pre-production - 2 days to shoot the film - 1 week for post production, scoring, and graphics.


RIPFEST began as the film division of a non-profit arts organization called Raw Impressions, in May 2002. Since then, it has developed into a collaboratively run film group based in New York City. Founding members include David Rodwin, Erik Bryan Slavin, Chris Tiné, Jackie Stolfi and Bruce Kennedy.


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