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Richter LLP
Founded 1926
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Number of locations
3 - Montreal, QC, Toronto, ON and Chicago, IL, USA

Professional Services
Aboriginal Advisory Services
Auditing and Assurance Services
Corporate Financial Accounting
Financial Reorganization
Management Consulting
Risk Management
Financial Investigation and Dispute Resolution
Business Valuation

Wealth Management
Number of employees

Richter LLP is one of the largest independent financial consulting firms in Canada. The firm offers accounting and business advisory services, primarily to public and privately owned mid-sized companies. Headquartered in Montreal, with additional offices in Toronto and Chicago, it includes 55 partners and over 500 employees.

In 2014, The Bottom Line magazine listed Richter as the ninth-largest accounting services firm in Canada.[1] The Financial Post also listed Richter in its annual listing of the Top 500 companies in Canada in 2010 (FP500).[2]

The firm has been named one of Montreal's Top Employers[3] six times since 2008, a regional award for Canada's Top 100 Employers, as well as one of Canada's "Top Employers for Young People" three times since 2010 and one of "Canada's Top Small and Medium Employers" in 2014 and 2015.[4] It was also selected as a Regional Winner, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, for Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2010.

Services and Industries[edit]

Beyond accounting work, Richter specializes in tax, consulting, internal audit, risk management and advisory services, business valuation, litigation support and forensic accounting, insolvency and restructuring, enterprise support, First Nations and Aboriginal advisory services, estate planning and wealth management. The Richter Family Office is based in the Montreal office and was established in 1999. Richter Consulting operates out of the Montreal and Chicago offices.[5]

Between its offices in Montreal and Toronto, Richter serves a variety of industries, including the innovation and technology sector, manufacturing and distribution, real estate and construction, gaming and retail.


In 1926, Cecil Usher, a young graduate of McGill University, joined his friend, William Richter, to form an accounting practice in downtown Montréal. The firm has grown substantially in the years since; 2016 will mark the firm's 90th anniversary.

Like any business in operation for almost a century, Richter has greatly evolved over the years. Its history can be measured by a number of important milestones:

  • 1926: The firm was founded. Its first corporate name was Richter, Usher & Vineberg. This changed a number of times over the years, eventually becoming Richter LLP.
  • 1962: Richter became the first independent accounting firm to sign a prospectus for a public offering in Canada.
  • 1971: Richter opens Richter & Partners, the firm's insolvency and corporate restructuring division.
  • 1998: Richter Consulting Inc. - the financial restructuring division for US companies - launches in the US, with an office in Chicago, IL.
  • 2003: The firm joined RSM International (RSMi), the 6th largest network of independent accounting and consulting firms in the world.
  • 2009: The firm Chamberland Hodge joined Richter, which then became RSM Richter Chamberland.
  • 2012: The firm adopted a fresh image with a renewed branding, a reaffirmed personality and a simplified corporate name: Richter LLP.
  • 2013: SBLR, a Toronto firm, joined Richter
  • 2014: Richter opened a second Toronto office, this one focusing on restructuring and insolvency, risk management, security, and tax and transfer pricing
  • 2016: Richter's Toronto offices move into its new location on Bay Street.



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