R & J Templeton

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R & J Templeton Ltd
Industry Grocery, General merchandise
Fate Acquired
Successor (1919) Shepherd's Dairies - a subsidiary of Home and Colonial Stores
Founded 1880
Founder Robert Templeton
Headquarters Glasgow, United Kingdom

R & J Templeton Ltd was founded in 1880 by Robert Templeton.[1] R & J Templeton Ltd styled themselves as "Tea Merchants and Cash Grocers". By 1910 the company had built a network of 50 shops (40 of which were in Glasgow), usually they rented corner sites in poor districts. Their key grocery products were "dry goods" - tea, cereals, flour, jams and confectionery.


The company was acquired by Jurgens in 1919 through Home and Colonial Stores Glasgow subsidiary Shepherd's Dairies for £132,045 eventually becoming part of the Allied Suppliers network.


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