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Racemandu is a yearly motorcycle racing event organized by Nepal Automobile Sports Association NASA. It first was organized in 2012 May 28. Although some other races have already taken place, Racemandu is acclaimed as Nepal's first legal race organized under provision of Federation de Motorcyclism FIM.

Racemandu is a portmanteau of "race" and "Kathmandu".

Racemandu was held at Satdobato Swimming Complex for the first time. It was a satisfactory one but it motivated lots of Nepalese riders and communities. The first series was sponsored by Honda but bikes from other companies like Bajaj, Yamaha, Ktm, Kawasaki, and Hyosung participated in the race ranging from 150cc to 250cc. The chief guest of the programme was sports minister Yuvraj Lama and A.I.G Bhishma Prasai. It was organized in order to promote motor sports tourism in Nepal.


There are no official statements about who the main organizers are, but there are many internal sources of information and it is really controversial. Racemandu started as an illegal street race. It was organized in a huge way with lots of popularity among riders of age group 18-20. Biprash Bipu is the organizer and he never tried to hide from the public despite being an illegal street race organizer. The illegal race went ahead but at the final rounds many things went wrong and the race stopped. He was already approached by NASA before the race day and after the publication of illegal race. Between these time he linked up with some of the well known faces of the biking community of Nepal. He used to say that he doesn't have anything passionate about racing he just want to start something for it. Immediately after his illegal race he came to NASA and started to work for it.