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Rachel Simon (born 1959 in Newark, New Jersey) is an American author of both fiction and non-fiction. Her six books include the 2011 novel The Story of Beautiful Girl, and the 2002 memoir Riding The Bus With My Sister. Her work has been adapted for film, television, radio, and stage.

In 2005, Rachel Simon's book Riding the Bus with My Sister was adapted for a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie by the same name. The film starred Rosie O'Donnell as Rachel's sister Beth, and Andie MacDowell as Rachel. It was directed by Anjelica Huston.[1][2][3][4][5]


  • Little Nightmares, Little Dreams (1990) (ISBN 0-89919-952-6) (short story collection)
  • The Magic Touch (1994) (ISBN 0-670-85262-7) (novel) (This book has no relation to the film of the same name)
  • The Writer's Survival Guide (1997) (ISBN 1-884910-23-8)
  • Riding the Bus with My Sister (2002) (ISBN 0-452-28455-4)
  • The House On Teacher's Lane: A Memoir of Home, Healing, And Love's Hardest Questions (2010 paperback) (ISBN 978-0-452-29618-3) Hardback was published under the following title:
  • Building A Home With My Husband: A Journey Through The Renovation of Love (2009) (ISBN 978-0-525-95120-9)
  • The Story Of Beautiful Girl (May 2011) (ISBN 978-0-446-57446-4)


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