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Radical Loving Care is a book by Erie Chapman, former chief executive of Riverside Methodist Hospital and U.S. Health Corp. (now OhioHealth) and former host of the Life Choices with Erie Chapman television series. The book describes an approach to health care intended to create patient experiences in hospitals and charities that honor the vulnerability of people in need. A key element of care described in Radical Loving Care is consistency, so that in a culture of loving care all patients would receive loving care from all caregivers all the time.

Healing hospitals that have adopted the Radical Loving Care approach include the Sparrow Health System.[1] and the Bingham Memorial Hospital.<https://www.binghammemorial.org/Health-News/bmh-receives-official-healing-hospital <ref name=BMH receives official Healing Hospital Certification June 5 2017,<https://www.idahostatejournal.com/community/bmh-receives-official-healing-hospital-certification/article_0c84dad9-530b-5c92-a92b-2086a980350f.html</ref>

The book, ISBN 0-9747366-0-0, was published by The Baptist Healing Trust (of which Erie Chapman was founding President), in 2003.


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