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Image from A descriptive catalogue of vegetables (1940)
Species Cichorium intybus var. foliosum
Origin Italy

Radichetta (also known as 'Catalogna Lettuce',[1] ) is a type of chicory,[2] similar to radicchio.[3] It can be eaten raw as a salad green (similar to a lettuce),[4] or on sandwiches, and can also be used as a garnish. It has a soft texture and mildly bitter flavor.[5][2]

It can be eaten fresh or cooked,[2] in various Italian dishes. It can cooked like a vegetable, lightly sauteed in olive oil.[5]

It grows fast from seed, either inside (before being planted outside) or outdoors in rows 8-12 inches apart.[4] It is recommended to sow seeds between Feb to the end of October.[6] The lettuce-like plants can grow up to 1 foot tall.[1]

It is cold tolerant, and is slow to bolt,[4][2] in spring.[1] The young leaves can be harvested or the whole head later in the summer.[4][1]


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