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This article is about the Argentinian radio station. For the Dutch radio station, see Radio 10 (Netherlands).
Radio 10
Broadcast area Buenos Aires
Branding Radio 10
Slogan La radio de la gente (The radio of the people)
Frequency 710 kHz
First air date 1998
Format Talk radio
ERP 100 kW
Class A
Callsign meaning Unknown
Owner Daniel Hadad

Radio 10 is an Argentine talk radio. It broadcasts from Buenos Aires on the 710 kHz with an effective radio power of 100 kW. It has plenty of affiliates in the country. It is owned by the journalist Daniel Hadad.


From 1999, the station began to grow with shows like "El Oro y el Moro", hosted by Oscar Gónzalez Oro. The program combines news, humour and popular songs sung by the host. The program proved to be successful, and is currently airing.

Another popular show is "El Ángel", hosted by "Baby" Etchecopar. The program basically consists on Etchecopar taking phone-ins from the audience.


The station was well received for the light tone of the shows, as many of them have humor segments, including parodies of local personalities made by humorists.


Monday to Friday[edit]

  • Antes del amanecer ("Antes del amanecer", 2-6 am). Mario Mundo.
  • ¡Hola Chiche! ("Hello Chiche!", 6-9 am) Samuel "Chiche" Gelblung.
  • El Oro y El Moro ("All This and Heaven Too", 9 am-1 pm) Oscar Gónzalez Oro.
  • El Ángel ("The Angel", 1-3 pm) Ángel Pedro "Baby" Etchecopar.
  • Rolando Hanglin (3-6 pm).
  • La revuelta ("The revolt", 6-9 am) Antonio Laje.
  • Ahora sí ("Yes now", 9 pm-12 am) Sebastián Basalo.
  • Entre vos y yo ("Between you and me", Tuesday to Saturday 12-2 am) Esteban Mirol.


  • Más Allá del Día ("Further From The Day", 2-6 am) Marcelo Pérez Fontoni.
  • Sensación Térmica del Sábado ("Thermal Temperature of the Saturday", 6-9 am) Débora Plager.
  • Bien Arriba ("Good Vibrations", 9 am-12 pm) Carlos Monti.
  • ¿Quién es Quién? ("Who Is Whom?", 12-3 pm) Marcelo Polino and Marcela Tauro.
  • Como perros y gatos ("As dogs and cats", 3-6 pm) Doctor Enrique Romero.
  • Hacete cargo ("Hacete charge", 6-9 pm) Claudio María Dominguez.
  • Noche de Paz ("Silent Night", 9 pm-12 am) Paz Martínez.
  • Vivo de noche ("Night Live", Sunday 12-2 am) Diego Fernández.


  • Más Allá del Día ("Further From The Day", 2-6 am) Marcelo Pérez Fontoni.
  • Sensación Térmica del Domingo ("Thermal Temperature of the Sunday", 6-9 am) Adrián Noriega.
  • ¡Y más! ("And more!", 9 am-12 pm) Rodrigo Lussich.
  • Todo por hacer ("Everything To Do", 12-3 pm) Jorge Lafauci.
  • Recalculando ("recalculating", 3-6 pm) Silvia Freire.
  • Cae la tarde ("Evening dropping", 6-9 pm) Gustavo Mura.
  • ¡Qué Noche Teté! ("What a Night, Teté!", 9 pm-12 am) Teté Coustarot and Adrián Puente.
  • Vivo de noche ("Night Live", Monday 12-2 am) Norberto Tallón.


The station uses a directional antenna consisting of 2 masts. The main mast is a half-wave radiator and may be among the tallest man-made structures in Argentina [1]