Radio One (Lebanon)

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Radio One Lebanon
Radio One Lebanon Logo.png
Broadcast area Lebanon
Branding Radio One
Slogan "Lebanon's Number One"
Frequency 105.1, 105.5
Format Top 40
Language(s) English
Owner Raymond Gaspar

Radio One Lebanon is a radio station that serves Lebanon, broadcasting on the FM band. This station is licenced to broadcast all over Lebanon, from studios in Beit Meri. It was the first radio station to play English and international music in the country of Lebanon.


Radio One was established in 1983 by Raymond Gaspar, Chairman and CEO. The station plays international music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a line-up of national and international shows, such as Gavin Ford in The Morning, The Maximus Experience, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and AT40. The owner of the radio station, Raymond Gaspar climbed up a 30 ft antenna to place the first receiver of the radio station.

Although other radio stations claim to be number one in Lebanon, they are proven wrong by statistics provided by a private company. Also the radio station Radio One Lebanon has received a facebook award for having 2+ million likes on Facebook

Top 100[edit]

At the end of every year, Radio One counts down its Top 100 Hits. Throughout the years, the following songs have topped the end of the year chart:

On air personalities[edit]

  • Gavin Ford
  • Olga Habre
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Clint Maximus
  • Stephanie
  • Josh
  • Ray Sam
  • Mark
  • Roy Malakian
  • Easy-B
  • Antony

On air shows[edit]

  • Gavin Ford in the Morning
  • On Air with Ryan Seacrest
  • The Maximus Experience
  • Monday night love songs
  • Club Invasion with Josh
  • The Edge with Clint Maximus
  • Tone deep with Ray Sam
  • The Shakedown with Mark
  • The Pulse with Roy Malakian
  • Next Episode with Easy-B
  • Club One warm up with Antony
  • Radio One Top 20
  • American Top 40

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