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Radio Pirata was a Rock en Español band from Puerto Rico. Rucco Gandía formed the band in 1994.

The band achieved success with hit songs like "El Loco" (The Madman). It was then that Fonovisa signed them up to release their first album. The album spawned hits like "No Me Dejes Así" (Don't Leave Me Like This) and "Historia Natural" (Natural History). They won a Tu Música award in 1995 for Best Record and a Gold Momo in 1996 for Best Local Rock Band. In 1998 they followed with their second album, "Todavía" (Still).

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Radio Pirata was the first Puerto Rican rock band to perform at the "Centro de Bellas Artes", Puerto Rico's most prestigious venue. Arguably the best live band at the time, their influence on current and future musicians and bands was undeniable: Gandia’s melodic bass lines, Roberto Torres’ guitar licks, Roberto “Bobby” Trinidad’s percussion textures, Nitayno Arayoán’s aggressive drumming and Rafael Carrasquillo’s forward thinking keyboard arrangements gave the band an unusual and unique sound.Rafael currently took on a role as a music teacher in America.