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Radio Tower Rottenbuch

The Rottenbuch Radio Tower is a transmitting tower of the Vodafone company, sited between Peiting and Rottenbuch in southern Bavaria, Germany.

The framework tower, a glued girder binder construction made from European Douglas fir timber, is 66 meters high.[1] The structure is held together by steel pegs.

On 18 March 2002 tower construction was started with the excavation of the tower foundations; on 3 June 2002 building of the tower structure began. For this the lower elements of the framework construction were pre-assembled in pairs and then put in place. The missing diagonal elements were then added afterwards. On 21 June 2002 the construction was finished.

As of January 2013, the Rottenbuch Radio Tower is possibly the second highest wooden tower in Germany and nowadays probably the fourth tallest existing wooden construction in the world (the Gliwice Radio Tower being the highest).

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Coordinates: 47°45′25″N 10°55′55″E / 47.75694°N 10.93194°E / 47.75694; 10.93194